What is the Canadian government? What do they do? How do they effect the lives of Canadians? These questions will be answered in this blog!

The Canada Government is something that makes up a great part of Canada. Without the government, we would not be able to function well. In 24 hours, the government is able to provide us with many services like television, the internet, safe food and clean water. The government is also responsible for services such as electricity, the water system, 911 emergency, Health Care  and many more. These services are governed by different levels of government which are the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments. These levels of government are also part of a bigger system, the Federal System. However, the Federal system  is not the only system that makes up Canada because there is also the Constitutional Monarchy,  Representative Democracy and a party system. All these systems help Canada become a whole.

The Canadian Government works together to decide for our country through laws and regulations. These laws are based on the constitution which is the Constitution Act of 1867, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the amending formula and traditions.

I will also try to answer the overriding question of whether Canada is a democracy.

This may all sound very complicated, but fear not, I will try to make the topic of Canadian Government enjoyable to learn.

Festival of Empire, Crystal Palace, 1911; Canadian Parliament House (LOC).
aaaaaaaaN.d. Photograph. FlickrWeb.3 Mar 2012.


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