Thank You Viewers


Thank you for those that clicked my page and enjoyed my blog.  I’ve been getting a lot of comments saying that some of my information is incorrect. I guess I need to explain this. This blog was done for a class project and well, I only had less than a year to complete this blog. With school work and other businesses, it was impossible to have correct and unbiased information. Plus, I only wrote this to get a good mark (which I didn’t). This blog was written when I was in Grade 10, and I am very surprised that people would read this blog at all! I am very grateful to you all! About the incorrect information and mistakes, I unfortunately cannot fix them,as I wrote this blog 2 years ago ( I cannot remember what I learned) and I do not have the time.

So overall, sorry for the incorrect information, I am not an expert on this topic. ( I wish my grade 10 self was smarter). Super sorry for grammar too.  But thank you for those who liked this blog!

-Serena Guan

p.s. if anyone wants to edit this blog, feel free to contact me!


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