Multiculturalism and Immigration

When you look at Canada and the people that is living in Canada, do you see a dominant nationality? Well, there isn’t a dominant nationality, thus people call Canada a multicultural society or a cultural mosaic. When you look at a mosaic, you see that it is composed of different pieces fit together to form a whole picture, which is not like a melting pot where everything is melted together. Canada is made up of a variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds,  cultures, custom and languages forming a country. In Canada you can choose to be for example Chinese and Canadian. Which is differently from a country like United States (a melting pot) where people of different nationalities are socially assimilated and their new identity would something like American- Chinese.

The first question though is how did Canada become so multicultural? Did Canada suddenly get these people over night? No, these people have immigrated to Canada from their countries over hundreds of years. Though why did these people want to move to Canada even though they already had their own country? What did Canada think about all these immigrants? These questions will be answered in this blog.

Canada was not always so accepting to those who are from other places who did not fit to their Canadian cultures. Their was a lot of discrimination during that time against any nationality who weren’t French, British or WISE (Welsh, Irish, Scottish and English) especially to the Chinese, Jews, East Indians, Japanese etc. Though now Canada is improving to accept all people of different nationality.

A Canadian Mosaic

Canada is like a mosaic, many different cultures together form a whole country


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