Aboriginal Life Today

The life of wars, residential schools and other horrible events that befell into the lives of the Aboriginals have ended ,but problems still linger with them. Past events from the The Eve of Contact still effect them even till this day. Problems of substance abuse, alcoholism, family issues, psychological distress and many more issues have been affecting Aboriginals.  Voices of Aboriginals are slowly being heard,but many are still ignored or that the solutions the government gives them do not solve their problems. Aboriginal woman are especially being effected from all this. Racism, lack of care for them, misconceptions and biases  are what Aboriginals experience presently. Today, Aboriginals are the largest, and fastest growing, population in Canada and that is why we need to know more about them and to be more concerned about issues revolved around Aboriginals.

Aboriginal Women Today
Today Aboriginal woman are often neglected. They have lost power because of the change of the matriarchal society to the patriarchal society. The whole culture for the Aboriginal woman have changed. During the residential school period, woman were taught domestic skills, which they also pass this skill to the next generation.  Now they are left to practice domestic skills like taking care of children, thus making it really hard to survive in the present day. They are not prepared for labour work so most turn to prostitution. This will also lead to emotional problems, drug addiction, pregnancy etc. Some Laws are even discriminated against Aboriginal women like the Indian Act.



I think that as a country we should pay attention to the problems of the Aboriginals. We need to include everyone ,especially Aboriginals, into our  Canadian society. None shall be neglected and we shall be a democratic and multicultural country.


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