First Nations Relations

Aboriginals contributed a great part in the making of Canada and is still an important part of Canadian culture. We need to understand the history and lives of those Aboriginals to understand Canada extensively. This is also because we live on unceded territory  which means  the land we are living on originally belonged to them and still is. Many times Aboriginals are forgotten in the Canadian history ,but without the Aboriginals many Europeans settlers may not have survived.

Aboriginals are referred to as the original occupants of Canada, which includes the  Inuit, Metis and First nations. All Aboriginal groups have different and distinctive cultures.  The Aboriginals are split into 6 groups depending in which area they live in which are the Arctic, Western Sub Arctic, Coastal, Plateau Plains and Woodlands.

Today people tend to have biases towards First nations for example they are all drug addicts. The reason is because, that is what they see and are told, but this is not necessarily true. We need to be educated about why the First Nation people are like this.  Most of the issues are connected to the The Eve of Contact, which lead to Residential Schools and many more problems.  Laws and regulations like the Indian Act that are placed on the Aboriginals or “Indians” also inflict great agony onto them.


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