Political Spectrum

The political spectrum is a way to classify political positions, parties or ideologies among spectrum symbolizing independent political dimensions.There are many ways to express political dimension through spectrums like putting them on a one dimensional line by putting a left end and a right end.

The Left End of the Spectrum
The left end of the political spectrum is for parties who have a tendencies towards social justice and social and economic intervention by the state. These properties are what is defined as Liberalism. They believe in the rights of individuals through non-religious views. They also believes that change will happen through law and reform.

The Right End of the Spectrum
On the right end of the spectrum are parties that have opposite beliefs from the left side of the spectrum. They believe in established political and religious order. Also the defense of private property and capitalism. This political group believes in Conservatism which governs through traditional ideas. They do not like change and sometimes returns back to the “simpler times”.

An Image of the Political spectrum
*Image made by me

The main parties of Canada are the Liberals, Conservatives and the New Democratic Party. The Liberals are placed in the centre of the spectrum. Conservatives on the right side and NDP’s on the left side of the spectrum.


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