Novel Study

Teachers always tell you to read historic novels, but what is the use behind reading these novels?

There are at least 3 purposes of reading historical fiction.

1. Historical fiction is presented in first person and present tense, while a text book is presented in third person and past tense.
Historic fiction makes history feel like it is real and happening in the present.

2. Historic fiction is able to give the reader an a more emotional experience of history. Like any other kind of novel, you can put yourself in the historical characters’ shoes and personalize the story. As a story, it makes you more involved in history than a text book, doesn’t it?

3. With historic fiction you would be able to look at different perspectives of an event. By looking at different biases, you will be able to look at an event with a bigger picture to it. Usually textbooks have an erosexist point of view, while in historic fictions you will be able to hear the voices of the marginalized. Reading both perspectives is the way to go!

4. Critical thinking!
Using what you already know you can reflect on history, compare the past with the present. Think about how this effects you and why is it so important that someone is writing about it.

Open Book

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