Harper Resetting Relationship with FN Response

This event of Stephan Harper trying to reset the relationship with the First Nations is extremely newsworthy. First Nations are very important to Canada. They contributed a great part in making Canada and we should keep a good relationship with them.  Though their relationship has very much worsened after The Eve of Contact. Stephan Harper is trying to improve the relationship with the First Nations and I find this delightful.

As I learned in class, the history of the First Nations in Canada is very complicated. First Nations and the Europeans had a close relationship for 200 years, but this soon faded. Soon, laws and regulations like the Indian Act were placed on the Aboriginals. Which also cause tensions in their relationship. The biggest event which tainted the relationship between the First Nations was the  Indian residential school system. Stephan Harper did apologize for the wrong doings in 2008. As Stephan Harper mentioned, Canada and First Nation relation did not only have negative events, but had positive events such as the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and the War of 1812.

I am not a First Nation myself,but as a Canadian, the relationship between First Nations is very crucial. As a B.C. native leader warned that if Harper doesn’t give a clear evidence that he’s prepared to take their concerns seriously, an aboriginal uprising would be assured. As seen from the Syrian Uprising currently, many innocent people are dying in Syria because of this uprising. If this uprising happens in Canada, who knows what will happen. If the First Nations were to call separation from Canada, Canada would turn into a huge crisis. It may even cause a chain effect. Quebecois would start the separation movement again. Soon other ethnics would start this movement. Canada would not be Canada anymore without the First Nations because Canada is a multicultural country. If multiculturalism in Canada disappears, Canada existence is faded.

I hope that when First Nation relationships improve in Canada, stereotypes and biases towards First nations may also decrease. Canada as a whole would hopefully change with strong relationships with the First Nations.


If there was an “Aboriginal Uprising”, what would it look like?


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