Background History on the English and French

How did Canada become the Canada we see today? This lies within the history of the English and French in Canada.

It all started when french explorers (Champlian, Carteier et al) claimed Canada for French civilization. French civilization flourished for around 200 years. Soon drastic change broke out in the 1700s when English tensions grew high. In 1756, the 7 year war happens, which is a global conflict between Britain, France and their respective colonies. After 7 years, the French are defeated which bring to the end of French rule in Canada. Canada becomes a British Colony under the Treaty of Paris. With the overwhelming amount of French people in Canada,  the British created the Quebec Act in 1774 to ensure that the culture of the francophone will be kept, including the maintaining Catholic faith.  In 1867, Quebec agrees to join Canada under the understanding that French rights would be protected. Britain agreed to let French to maintain their culture for the reason to prevent Franco-Anglo tensions.

click here for the original text of the Quebec Act

Flag of Great Britain

Flag of Great Britain


French Flag

Franco Anglo Tensions

Many events which increased the tension between the French and English, created dissatisfaction of French Canadians. A few of these events include :

    • Riel Uprising
    • Manitoba School Controversy
    • Boer War
    • Naval Crisis


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