Quebecois Culture

The Anglo society in Quebec flourished under the British rule, whereas the French-Canadians chose to be become isolated and adhere to their own culture.

The Quebecois  culture that the French-Canadians strongly believed are known as the 3F’s & C:

Faith : the church had an incredible amount of power and shaped the lives in the French community.

  • Roman Catholic faith remained the dominant religion in Quebec until the mid-20th century,regardless of British settlement
  • The Protestant and the Catholics had many conflicts which led to conflicts throughout Europe (Seven Years’ Wars, etc.)
  • The Church was involved in all aspects of French life: education, politics, land use, labour, etc.

Farm : the central economic unit of French society

  • Until the mid-20th century, most of French Canada had been rural, based on a long standing tradition of French Seignurial System
  • livelihood approved by the Church


  • French Canadian families are extremely large, compared to British families
  • Catholicism disapproves of birth-control (a message sent from the Church)
  • Large families are required to work family farms

Civil Law

  • The foundation of this law came out of the French Revolution, often referred to as Napoleanic code (based on the Roman Law)
  • This law covers private matters only:
    -the legal attributes of a person (e.g. name, age of majority, etc)
    -the relationship between individuals (e.g. marriage, adoption, parentage)
    -property (e.g. possession, land boundaries)
    -the legal institutions, governing or administrating these relationships (e.g. wills, sales, leases, partnerships)
    -plain language, easy to understand and apply
    Click here for the Civil Code of Quebec

Quebec Flag


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