Executive Branch

The Executive Branch has the power to govern on a Federal, Provincial and Municipal level. The Monarch, Governor General, Prime Minister and Cabinet Minister are part of the Executive Branch.

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister had three jobs which are the head of Government, Chair of Cabinet and the Leader of a party. He/ she acts as the head of the executive branch of the Canadian government. As the chair of the Cabinet assigns department responsibilities to cabinet members. Also chairs cabinet meetings and controls the agenda. As the leader of party, he explains the party policies and programs and put them into action. The Prime Minister has a lot more jobs and responsibilities. Our current Prime Minister is Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper - Jan-23-06

Stephen Harper

Governor General 

The Governor General acts as a representative of the Queen in Canada.The Governor General’s usual jobs include giving royal assent to bills, receiving and sending ambassadors and opening Parliament. The Governor General is also the Commander & Chief of Armed Forces and in rare cases, they can dissolve Parliament and dismiss the Prime Minister.

Cabinet Minister

Cabinet members are chosen by the Prime Minister from among the selected Members of Parliament in each riding. Their responsibilities are to oversee specific areas of public policy. They are vested in a number of powers for the Crown, legislative powers and quasi-judicial powers.


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