BC Job Action Response

This issue on the BC Job Action is very newsworthy because it is happening in my neighborhood. It is affecting me every day I go to school and is affecting everyone at school, whether as a student or teacher.
Well, I do not like how the way things are happening right now and I hope that the teachers would be able to figure out a compensation soon. My clubs and other activities have been cut. Also, I am no longer able to ask my teacher for help after school.

I do understand why the teachers are not satisfied with the current deal that the BCPSEA is offering and the pressure that is given with huge class sizes. But think this problem is dragging on for too long. There has been a lot of striking and problems with employment over the many years and think more problems are being brought out. I may be wrong,but  it seems that people are trying to find a way of everyone getting equal rights and the same benefits of others, but at the same time the government cannot do this because there will always be someone unsatisfied. Back the issue of the teachers, the government is under the net-zero mandate, so where will the money to pay for the teachers come from, most likely from taxes. You may not agree with my opinions, but I hope that you may understand.

On anther note, I believe that this issue is connected to what I’ve learned during the past year. The Labour Law which controls over the jobs of the  teachers is a federal law thus every employer in Canada must follow this law. Though each province runs their own education system. As a democratic Canada, the teachers should have every right to voice their opinions.


Should teachers get paid for supervising and being involved in extra-curricular activities?


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